Renting as Traveling Nurse has its Benefits

The Many Benefits Of Renting To A Traveling Nurse

There are good reasons furnished properties are being listed on Travel Nurse Housing by landlords. This is because traveling nurses stay for a longer period of time and they make better tenants. Back-houses and spare rooms are rented out by property owners to travel nurses in the tens of thousands. This provides additional income while eliminating the risks posed by the traditional tenants. There are numerous reasons it would be advantageous for you to rent to a traveling nurse.

The Specifics of the Travel Nurse

Approximately every three months, traveling nurses accept new assignments. This means finding furnished housing is a necessity. There are also a lot of travel nurses. At any point in time, there are roughly 30,000 traveling nurses. The actual number is dependent on the hiring practices of the hospitals. Travel nurses are a group of professionals who are always searching for furnished, short-term rentals. They travel with a roommate, alone, with a small family and some will even bring a pet along for some company.

The two most important aspects of renting to a travel nurse are usually the affordability and the geographic location. According to AB Staffing Solutions …a travel nurse must remain within their housing stipend, be within twenty to forty minutes of their current assignment and they must have a rent that works well with their budget. Their expectations must be considered and the unit needs to be ready when they move in.

The Importance of Renting to a Travel Nurse

The housing costs of a travel nurse are covered with their housing stipend. There are two additional factors that can cause them to exceed their stipend. Travels nurses are placed throughout the nation by approximately 400 medical staffing companies. Each one has a different process for negotiating the stipend. This means the number one priority for a travel nurse is the affordability. Certain cities have a higher cost. This can be challenging depending on the amount of the specific stipend. This is the reason individual units and shared spaces have equal importance.

New hospitals are being built by numerous cities to try to keep up with the need for hospital beds. The rising population combined with the high number of aging baby-boomers means this trend will not change anytime in the near future. An article in the Washington Business Journal was published on November 3rd of 2017. The article stated $2.8 billion is being invested by Washington DC to help local hospitals with the consistently increasing patient population. The expectations are a 24 percent spike by 2030.

Five Reasons the Best Tenants are Travel Nurses

The most important factor for most landlords is a quality tenant. The industry for medical staffing provides a constant supply. The five reasons traveling nurses make exceptional tenants is they are employed, they passed a drug and background screen before they were able to accept the position, their expenses are covered by a housing stipend, they stay for the standard three month contract length for the industry and they are more predictable than the standard vacation rental or short-term tenant because they are traveling professionals. They also renew their contracts for a subsequent term for a quarter of all rentals.

What Traveling Nurses Want

Traveling nurses simply want a safe clean place where they can rest comfortably between shifts. Their shifts last for twelve hours so they desire a quiet environment regardless of whether they sleep during the day or the night. They are looking for a furnished unit including Wi-Fi and utilities. They also require the basics for eating, relaxing, sleeping and preparing the occasional meal.

Traveling nurses will rent studios, spare rooms, granny flats, apartments, back-houses, basements, hotels, townhouse, condos and almost everything in between. The demand for housing by the month to month traveling nurses means they will rent almost anything provided it is short-term, clean, safe, comfortable and within their budget.

The Right Model

Travel Nurse Housing uses an effective and simple model for landlords in the United States interested in marketing their properties to the industry of travel healthcare. The only catch is some properties do not qualify. A conversation is held with every landlord prior to being listed to make certain the property is just right for the traveling healthcare professionals.

If you believe you have a space that is ideal for traveling nurses, if you have rented to this industry in the past or you you want to make new connections, the Travel Nurse Housing site may be the perfect choice.