Moving from a House to an Apartment

Moving from a House to an Apartment: What You Should Expect

While moving to an apartment can give you a new start, it comes with a lot of changes that can feel overwhelming or strange. Change doesn’t have to be frustrating, though. The below article will break down some of the things you should expect and take a look at how you can maximize these opportunities when you move from a home into an apartment.

Plan to Downsize

Many people these days have started to downsize for various reasons and sell their houses to companies that buy houses. If you’re one of those people, moving to an apartment might be just what you’re looking for. You can check out magazines or go online and visit Pinterest to explore thousands of ideas related to downsizing. Let’s take a closer look at how your new living situation will embrace this trend.

Less Space

An obvious change you’ll likely encounter when you move into an apartment from a house is a smaller living space. Apartments are designed with efficiency in mind, meaning that the rooms will be smaller and the square footage will be less.

You will have to rethink your furniture situation when you move into an apartment. A large, oversized sofa or chair may need to be replaced with a more compact version that will fit your new space better. What’s good about this is that you now have a great excuse to explore new options for your new place.

Small Yard

If you see mowing the lawn as a chore or a reward, this change can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. If you have small children or you are a busy working professional, giving up these chores can be very beneficial.

Your landscaping will always look good since you won’t have to do anything. Apartment complexes hire their own landscaping company to take care of all of the outdoor work. However, if you have a green thumb, you’ll still be able to have a container garden on your balcony.

Less Storage

One of the most difficult parts about moving from a home to an apartment is making the tough decision about which things you wish to keep or throw away. Lots of new renters use the opportunity of decluttering to their advantage. If you are one of those people who cannot live without most of your belongings, a storage unit can be of some use.

Getting rid of extra things you held onto because you had a place to put them can be quite refreshing. But if you have something of significant value such as your grandmother’s china, you should try to find an affordable storage unit that will keep your valuable possessions safe and secure.

Community Perks

Saying goodbye to your house can be a difficult process. Try to find an apartment complex that offers some great perks to help you adjust to your new living situation.


There are many great amenities about apartment living including a hot tub, a pool, a fitness room, and a landscaping company that does all of the landscaping for you. One of the most attractive perks about apartment living is the resort-like conveniences that lots of communities offer.

You should definitely take advantage of these extra features because they will provide you with the chance to make new friends with people who live across from you as well as the opportunity to stay in shape and relax.

What You Should Expect When Moving into an Apartment

Living with neighbors in close quarters gives you lots of added security. When you know who your neighbors are, it’s easier to spot strangers lurking around who don’t belong.

Moreover, there are some apartment communities that have security cards or passcodes to enter buildings or have security guards. Ask your landlord about the security that’s in place while they’re giving you a tour of the complex. You might be surprised with the safety measures you’ll receive for little to no additional cost at all.

TV and Internet

TV and internet subscriptions can sometimes be included as part of your rent. If that’s the case, these resources will no longer be an added expense for you. However, these savings may force you to give up control over your favorite provider and package.

Ask your landlord what your internet situation will be before you move into your apartment. Complex owners typically receive better deals on cable TV packages by signing on multiple units at once, so they usually select one provider that all residents have to use. There are some landlords who are a little more flexible. In those cases, you might be able to set up a package of your choice with any provider you wish.

Change can often be quite exciting when you’re moving from a house to an apartment. We recommend that you do your homework first so you will know what to expect before you sign a lease.