How To Decorate a Basement Apartment | Decorating Ideas

Using Light, Color and Furniture to Decorate an Apartment

If you are moving into an apartment or remodeling one, then following some simple steps will help you make the space look bigger and brighter while making it truly your own. Start by determining the right type of light for your space, and then choose contrasting colors and textures. Finally, pick the right furniture and put it in the good places. By following these easy steps, you will soon have created a home even if it is just a tiny apartment.


You have different choices when it comes to lighting for your apartment. Start by examining what light is already available in the apartment. If it is a basement apartment, you may have very little. Almost all apartments, however, can benefit from some additional lighting.

After turning on the room lights, look for dark corners. These are perfect places to place lamps.

Gourd lamps are a great way to add color to a drab space. This is especially true if your apartment walls are white, and you cannot paint them. While most gourd lights help create a formal atmosphere, do a little shopping and you can find some fun gourd lamps.

Candlestick lamps look great in pairs beside the sofa or on a buffet. Gold candlestick lamps help to create a formal atmosphere while wooden ones are a great way to create a farmhouse style.

Tiffany-style lamps are the perfect accessory for those who want to create an Art Deco, Victorian or Mission-style apartment. Usually, these lamps look best by themselves as a focal piece on a table.

Pharmacy lamps are a great way to ask task lighting to an ASU apartment. Therefore, think about using one near a chair as they make great reading lamps. They look especially awesome in apartments with an industrial style.

Novelty lamps make fun conversation pieces. Like Tiffany lamps, they can be used to add color to a drab space. Lamp kits allow you to turn almost any object into a novelty lamp when living at ASU near Tempe.

Do not forget about other types of lighting as well. Track lighting, twinkle lights and floor lamps may be the perfect solution to adding light to your apartment.


Many renters cannot paint the walls in their apartments, so if it is drab, then it is important to find other ways to add color to your apartment.

Colorful artwork is a great place to start. Just like choosing the right lamp, think about the style that you would like to create and find colorful artwork matching your personal style.

Tapestries on the wall are an inexpensive way to break up large spaces. Consider creating large vertical stripes using colorful fabric. You can even gather them in the middle to create an impressive design.

Throw pillows and throws are an outstanding way to add color to your living space. If you cannot find any matching your personality, then think about making your own. You do not even need any sewing skills to make throw pillows and throws.

If you are lucky enough to have windows in your apartment, then consider using crazy curtains to add color to your apartment. Just like with throw pillows and throws, you can even make your own.

Colorful furniture can be used to add color to a living space. Think about a bright colored sofa and set it next to white or black furniture for an extremely bright display that you will love.


Choosing the right furniture for your apartment can be fun. Make sure to measure your space before you head to the store or online. Your apartment may be a little smaller than it seems when it is empty.

If your Scottsdale interior decorating designer is short on space, then look for pieces that will provide extra storage. You can ottomans where the top lifts off or beds with storage built under them.

Remember to start by thinking about the light sources you want in your apartment. Then, choose the colors appealing to you most. Finish by choosing the furniture that fits your basement apartment decorating ideas with individual style while providing extra storage where it is needed.