Covid 19 Re-Opening Guidelines Kansas City Real Estate Agents

Many are excited about the recent lifting of stay-at-home orders. You may have questions about when you, as the managing broker or broker owner of your firm, should consider reopening your office. There is no cookie-cutter solution that will work for everyone. You will need to consider the size of your office space, the size of your staff, the number of agents you have, and the number of private offices in your facility. Each one of these factors will have a bearing on when it would be prudent for you to reopen.

The Mid-American Regional Council, the Kansas City Chamber, the Civic Council of Kansas City, and the Kansas City Area Development Council have compiled the information received from the CDC and from local jurisdictions to use these as a basis for creating guidelines that businesses in your area could follow. We respect your right to use these guidelines as they have been printed or customize the guidelines so that they fit the needs of your brokerage firm.

Kansas City MoOnce the stay-at-home order has expired, there is a three-phase process that will be followed.

Phase 1: Minimal reopening
Phase 2: Reopening with physical distancing
Phase 3: Resume normal activities

Once the stay-at-home orders were lifted, phase one began. There is some uncertainty as to how long phase one will last. The KCRAR will keep you abreast of these dates as they will vary based on municipality or county.

You will notice that the Safe Return KC guidelines make reference to employees. However, we realize that in the real estate profession, much of the work is done by independent contractors and agents. Some of these agents may occupy the same physical office space that you do.

We request that you consider encouraging your agents to continue working remotely from home and only physically visit the office when it is necessary. If agents physically visit your office, we recommend that you limit the time they spend there.

Additionally, we recommend that you include regular disinfecting of surfaces that are frequently touched by others as part of your office’s sanitation policy. It may be recommendable to provide all visitors to your office with hand sanitizer. Office guests should be limited to public areas when possible.

With the goal of minimizing people grouping together, we recommend that break rooms, conference meeting rooms, and kitchens be closed. Sales meetings should be held virtually as opposed to in the office.

If you refer to the Safe Return KC guide, you will notice that pages seven through 11 lay out the safe guidelines for minimal reopening during phase one in Kansas City MO. We encourage you to review the guidelines and then elaborate a plan that fits the specific needs of your firm. Once guidelines have been established, we recommend that sales associates and employees be given a copy of the firm’s guidelines. It is your responsibility to enforce your firms’ guidelines.

KCRAR will continue to monitor the situation on the ground and provide suggestions, updates, and adjustments to the requirements issued by the federal, state, or local government. We encourage you to frequent the KCRAR website at At a future time, we will provide updates regarding the Heartland MLS guidelines as they pertain to listings, marketing, and showings during phase one. For a complete overview of reopening regulations in local municipalities and cities, please see our guide.

KC Chamber Help Desk

This help desk has been set up to provide you and your business with pertinent information to facilitate the safe and responsible returning to the workplace. The KC Chamber Return to Workplace Business Help Desk is in operation Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 5 PM. The goal is to respond to questions in two business hours or sooner.