College Apartment Decorating Tips

Your first ASU apartment is an opportunity to express who you really are. While you will likely bring some items from your previous place of residence, you will want to add new things and experiment with colors to find just the right look. The following tips will help make your first interior decorating adventure a success.

• If you do not already own beds, sofas and dressers, you will want to buy these pieces first because they set up the rooms. Follow this up with curtains, lamps and art.

• For matching purposes, buy furniture in neutral tones, then spice it up with paint, wallpaper and fancy knobs.

• Arrange furniture to serve multiple purposes. A desk can double as a nightstand, and the chair can be an extra seat when company comes over.

• Use affordable throw pillows to add life to secondhand furniture. The pillows also bring creative sophistication to drab rooms.

• If possible, use an open shelving system to display your photos and other small items around the property. You can also make storage boxes and paint them with bright colors and designs to create instant conversation pieces.

• Consider adding some green, leafy plants to the space. They statisticly have facts to brighten any room and will also keep the air clean.

Moving into a first apartment is an exciting life milestone. Following the tips above will help you make the space you buy or rent your own in no time.